Naamkaran: Vidyut unaware of Ragini Pandit being biggest rival against him (Upcoming Twist)

Naamkaran: Vidyut unaware of Maa Ragini Pandit being biggest rival of love story

Star plus Naamkaran is going to bring in high wrenching melodrama in the storyline.

The rifts and conflicts are not taking end in Neeil and Avni’s love life.

After Juhi’s death, Vidyut is leaving no stone unturned to separate Avni and Neil.

However, Vidyut’s psycho love for Avni gets reveal to Ragini Pandit and she plans to turn table by planning Avni’s death.

Avni’s life in danger

Avni is stuck behind bars where Ragini Pandit and Jailor joins hand to end Avni’s chapter forever.

Ragini Pandit and Jailor plan to burry Avni alive behind wall of bricks.

Will Vidyut ever come to know about his only mother Ragini Pandit being biggest rival in his love life?

Let’s see if Avni will lose her life or survive her life?