Nazar 14th December 2018 written episode written update

Mohana walking in Ansh’s room only to see it decorated for Piya.
Mohana sets the Daayan Saaya (evil spirit) yet again after Ansh and decides to expose Piya sarpika self to Ansh.
As Ansh would feel cheated, the spirit could easily overpower him. Meanwhile, Dilruba watches as Mohana concots evil potions.
Piya thinks about ways to activate the Daayan vriksh’s power so as to find out Mohana’s weakness.
Mohana takes her evilly formulated perfume to their room, whose drops will reveal Piya’s true self.
Piya transforms into a Sarpika and summons the Daayan Vriksh to answer all her questions. She sees Mohana stealing Ansh’s soul in the form of a revelation.
Piya is convinced the strength of her true love will not let them fall apart. Before she can tell Ansh anything, Ansh takes her into her arms and holds her.

As their lips meet, the perfume touches Piya’s lips and she freezes, falls to the floor and her blue color starts to show. Ansh starts to wake her up frantically, and the daayan saaya enters his body immediately.
It overpowers him and Ansh leaves in anger. The next morning, Chaitali and Vedashree find piya unconscious and frozen. Her pulse dead, Piya refuses to wake up.
Mohana is confused because she wanted her to reveal her sarpika self and not die. However, it was dilruba who adds her poisonous venom to the concoction because she wants Piya to die and have Ansh all to herself.
The written update of Najar episode story ends.
Precap: Piya is stuck between life and death – dishank kulok. Nishant tells everyone that no one has been able to escape the place between life and death.