Nazar 18th December 2018 written update written episode

Ansh’s change in behavior. Vedashree insists that Nishant will get Piya out of the Drishyank Kulok and Ansh will become fine after Piya wakes up.
Chaitali tells Vedashree to postpone Rishi’s wedding till the evil calamities are stopped but Vedashree doesn’t agree.
Nishant searches the book of Daayan Rahasya for ways to cure Piya.
In Ansh and Piya’s bedroom, Ansh is still playing games. However, when Piya’s earrings rustle with the wind, Ansh can’t help but recall his love for Piya. This lasts only for a moment as the daavansh in Ansh overpowers him again.
Meanwhile, Dilruba is overjoyed at the success of her evil plan to eliminate Piya out of the way.
Mohana stumbles upon her tail behind the door and walks towards her.

Dilruba then turns into her Bawri, her servant form. Mohana decides to find out the truth behind Bawri and why she is always lurking.
Rishi gets angry at Ansh’s disrespect and attitude and when he protests, Ansh attacks him and holds him by the neck. He then flirts with Payal, Rishi’s to be wife.
Vedashree gets handcuffs that restrain the power of a Daavansh and sprinkles Paataal Geet Jal all over the locks. This angers Ansh even more.
Ansh asks Mohana for help, but Mohana asks him to muster his strength and fight on his own.
While Rishi’s wedding ceremonies are on, Nishant and Savi plan to take Piya away.
Precap: Mohana asks Ansh to channel his inner Daavansh to break free from the chains.