Nazar 1st January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Ansh freezing all the members of the Rathod family so that they cannot stop him from marrying Dilruba. Vedashri gets shocked seeing the family members.
She feels helpless seeing Mohanna in such a condition. Ansh sees Vedashri with the Gangajal. He throws away the Gangajal from her hands.
Mohanna hands over the Trinetra mani to Vedashri so that she can help Piya regain her senses. Mohanna knows that only Piya can stop Ansh from marrying Dilruba.
She advices her to make this mani touch Piya’s forehead. Vedashri rushes to save Piya. Before Ansh could stop her, Vedashri leaves.
Before Piya vanishes completely to Trishanku lok, Vedashri comes with the mani.

When Vedashri keeps the mani on Piya’s forehead she vanishes completely. Ansh feels a strange uneasiness while performing the marriage rituals.
Piya reaches Trishanku Lok. Vedashri comes and informs Mohanna that she couldn’t save Piya. Mohanna says there is a way to stop Ansh.
Vedashri touches the mani with Ansh’s forehead. Suddenly Piya’s body begins to return. Ansh freezes Vedashri.
Piya regains conscious. Saavi and everyone else get happy. Before Ansh could tie the mangalsutra to Dilruba, Piya comes and stops him.
She gets shocked seeing Ansh who has chosen evil over good.