Nazar 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Vedashri spreading the vapors of Patalketki in the Rathod house. Ansh happens to come down at the same time.
Sarpvanshi keeps an eye on Ansh from Ansh’s room. He mistakenly falls a vase which makes Ansh come to the room. Ansh and Sarpvanshi come face to face.
Sarpvanshi warns Ansh that he will kill him. Ansh and Sarpvanshi fight off with each other. The Patalketki vapors enter Ansh’s body. Ansh struggles for his life and ultimately faints.
The Sarpvanshi hides Ansh inside a cupboard. Piya is tensed as Nishant doesn’t take her calls. While Ansh touches Piya his eyes don’t glow. Piya gets to know that he is not real Ansh.
Piya calls Ansh and tells him about fake Ansh. Sarpvanshi answers her call disguised as Ansh. He asks her to meet him in the jungle.
Saavi worries as she finds Nishant missing.
She finds Nishant in the basement. Saavi gets the Sarpchampa flowers to free Nishant. Snakes get attracted to the flowers and leave Nishant.
Nishant moves out of the cabin.
Piya and Sarpvanshi meet in the jungle. Piya gets shocked as she gets to know that he is not real Ansh. Sarpvanshi comes in his real avatar.
Piya runs away from the Sarpvanshi. He follows her. He attacks Piya with his powers.
Nishant comes and reveals that he never said to vaporize Patalketki. He tells them that there was a fake Ansh in the house.
Nishant feels that Piya and Ansh’s life is in danger. He says Piya being a devik can tackle the Sarpvanshi but Ansh cannot.