Nazar 25th December 2018 written episode written update

Rathore family trying to stop Ansh from harming Payal. Vaidshri threatens him to sprinkle Gangajal on him if he will not leave Payal. Ansh leaves Payal owing to the effect of Gangajal on his body.
Nishant fails to gather strength to attack Piya with the dagger. Suddenly the dagger heads towards Piya on its own. Nishant with all his strength stops the dagger from harming Piya.
Ansh loses his cool and forces Rathore’s to give Piya to him. Nishant loses the hold of the dagger and it enters Piya’s body. As soon as Piya gets hurt by the dagger Ansh too feels uneasiness and pain. He remembers his past memories with Piya.
Nishant and Saavi cry badly seeing Piya’s plight. Nishant too is confused about his strange feelings. Nishant tells Saavi that now there is no way to counter Jamuni vish’s attack.

Saavi gets shocked seeing Piya’s body vanishing. Payal’s parents are tensed about her. Rathore family tries to improve Payal’s condition.
Dusarpa disguises herself as Payal. She traps Payal in a cage. Nishant asks Vaidshri to accept all the wishes of Ansh to keep his senses calm.
Mohanna sees Ansh. She tells her that he is in pain because Piya is dying. She says he has not turned into a davansh completely.
Ansh comes to the party. Vaidshri gets tensed seeing them. Ansh says he will marry Payal. Everyone gets shocked. Vaidshri and other family members try to stop him. The fake Payal comes and agrees to marry Ansh.