Nazar 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Piya running away from the Sarpvanshi. The two fight off with each other using their powers.
Nishant and Rathods’ vaporize Patalketki and spread the vapors inside the Rathod house to find Ansh.
Before the Sarpvanshi could attack Piya, Vedashri comes and protects her. He faints. Vedashri and Piya drag the Sarpvanshi and place him under a flowering tree.
Vedashri sprinkles sugar around Sarpvanshi and moves seven steps back. She is following Nishant’s instructions.
Nishant comes to Ansh’s room and finds him lying unconscious in his cupboard. Ansh is bitten by the Sarpvanshi.
Suddenly, Keetrani (ants) come and start crawling over the Sarpvanshi’s body.
Rathods’ get tensed as Ansh’s body starts turning half blue and half green.
Nishant says its because of the poison of Sarp and Patalketki.
Saavi says Panditji has informed that only daayan vriksh can save Ansh. Ruby comes and says she will bring the Daayan vriksh here.
Mohanna’s health deteriorates. She says she can save herself only on a Rakt Chandra night that is today’s night. Dola mocks at her. She ties Mohanna to a tree.
Ruby brings in the Daayan vriksh inside Rathod house. As they bring Ansh in contact with the Daayan vriksh, Ansh’s body vanishes.
Panditji tells Avinash that Ansh is under a serious threat. He informs Avinash about the Rakt Chandra night wherein Mohanna will want to eat Ansh and become immortal.
A passerby frees Mohanna.
Precap: Avinash shoots Mohanna with his gun.