Nazar 26th December 2018 written episode written update

Vaidshri trying to calm everybody in the Rathore family. Avinash says we will not agree to Ansh’s will this time. Mohanna comes and mocks at them for challenging a davansh by going against his will.
Vaidshri blames Mohanna for instigating Ansh. Mohanna accepts that she has done all this.
Guruma and Panditji find ways to reach to the Trinetra mani. Guruma is hopeful that Shivji will help them out. Suddenly Panditji sees a snake and he decides to follow it.
Ansh and Payal enter the party as a couple. Ansh informs Rishi that he is marrying Payal. Payal’s parents get shocked listening to this.
Vaidshri comes and supports Ansh’s decision.
Panditji and Guruma reach jungle while following the snake. The snake slides into a hole in the ground. Guruma says that Trinetra Mani will be inside the ground.
Panditji starts digging.
Nishant decides to sacrifice his life to save Piya. He harms himself with a magical dagger so that he can save Piya from escaping to Trishanku Lok. This way Panditji can get time to find the Trinetra Mani.
Vaidshri requests Payal’s parents to agree to Ansh and Payal’s marriage as a part of their plan. Rishi gets shattered listening to all this.
Naman comes to help Panditji and Guruma as Mohanna has ordered him to spoil their attempts to save Piya.
Naman and Panditji lose their eyesight for sometime after seeing the mani. Guruma says that only she can carry the mani as she is blind.
Rishi sees the real Payal trapped in a cage.