Nazar 28th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update 

Vedashri and Piya running away from the jungle. The Sarpvanshi comes on their way and tries to stop them. Piya and Sarpvanshi fight off with each other.
Devik Piya gets her trishul and attacks on the sarpvanshi with it. The Sarpvanshi and Piya use their powers to defeat each other.
Panditji tells Avinash that to save Ansh we will have to stop Mohanna. He says Mohanna must be at a place where moonlight falls straight on her.
Vedashri decides to stay in the jungle to stop the sarpvanshi. Vedashri uses sarpchampa flowers to attract the sarpvanshi and stop him from attacking Piya.
Avinash and Panditji reach out to Mohanna. Avinash says he will never allow her to eat Ansh. Mohanna says Ansh will come to her himself.
Avinash points a gun towards Mohanna.
Avinash shoots Mohanna but it goes in vain. Mohanna attacks Avinash and Panditji.
Mohanna waits for Ansh at a cliff. The Sarpvanshi brings Ansh and Piya there. Mohanna starts eating Ansh. Piya pleads in front of Mohanna to leave Ansh.
Suddenly, Mohanna gets shocked as she gets to know that she was eating the sarpvanshi and not Ansh.
Some time back: Ansh attacks the sarpvanshi and saves Piya.
Present: Piya mocks at Mohanna and tells her that now she will die as the mahurat to eat Ansh has lapsed. Mohanna taunts Ansh for cheating his mother.
Mohanna tries to play an emotional card in front of Ansh. Though, Ansh refuses to listen to her.