Nazar 29th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Ansh praising Vedashri and calling her his true mother. Vedashri rebukes Mohanna for her greedy nature.
Mohanna pleads in front of Vedashri and seeks her help for the last time. Ansh stops Vedashri.
Rathod family leaves. Suddenly, Mohanna says that she has become more powerful by eating a sarp. She adds that now her age has increased four times and she has the powers of a sarp too.
Rathod’s spend a happy time together.
Nishant hides all his weapons of Reeva tribe. He says he doesn’t want to risk the life of his daughters and wants to live a normal life with Saavi and Piya.
Piya has an ugly encounter with her neighbor.
Mohanna comes and mocks at Dola. She shows her Sarpika powers to Dola. Dola says she has her Daayan kundali and so knows who will kill her and when.
Mohanna gets to know that Ansh’s child will kill her as is written in her kundali.
Piya and Ansh give good news to the family concerning Piya’s pregnancy. Piya tells Nishant and Saavi about this good news.
The family celebrates the happy moment.
Panditji warns them to be protective as Piya can come under catch the Nazar owing to the effect of the Rakt Chandra night.
Vedashri does the puja to form a protective shield for Piya. Suddenly a circle of black ash forms around Piya. Vedashri gets scared.
Panditji and others leave for temple. Piya is alone in the house. Panditji warns her to stay at home only.