Nikhil and Ruhi plans to unfold Riya’s father’s mystery in Riya’s birthday celebration in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The upcoming episode of Star plus popular soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Riya’s father’s mystery will get unfold.

As per the current track Ruhi promised Riya that she will find her father.

Meanwhile Riya’s mother announces a grand celebration for Riya’s birthday.

Pihu and Ruhi are tensed as they have still didn’t find Riya’s father and thus Ruhi will take Nikhil’s help ahead.

Nikhil and Ruhi digs out Riya’s truth

It will be seen that Ruhi will take Nikhil’s help to find Riya’s father.

Ruhi will tell Nikhil as how she promised to find Riya’s father and on birthday celebration they will have to call him at any cost.

It would be interesting to watch as how Riya’s secret father mystery will unfold major drama in the storyline.

Will Nikhil and Ruhi be able to find Riya’s father?

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