Nimki Mukhiya 30th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Scene 1
Nimki says if I love you will you marry me? He says what are you saying? She says just being sure. Until you don’t get the other rickshaw you don’t leave the first one. Abhi leaves.
Tettar and Nehar meet. Tettar says I wanted to make you wear saree and make your dance but now I have to talk to you. Nehar says I will shoot you. Ritu says we all know what we are here for. Please dont’ fight. Nehar says dablo also told me.. Ritu says dablo? Kundan says we have a worker in our factory Dablo.
Teettar says we have to show people reality of this video thing or we will both be out. Nehar says we should hire a lawyer and figt against the decision. Tettar says I have nothing to lose now. If you do anything you will be responsible for the consequences.

Nimki says to Mauha and Mono I will stay with papa. Abhi says I am near. You call go home. Babbu says who are you? His son or son in law? I will stay here. Abhi says better you know about relationships now. Nimki looks at Babbu. She says since when did you start caring for us? He says I hhave started realizing the responsibility.

Tettar says to Annaro wont you ask were am I coming from? Still angry. woman shouldn’t stay angry with the husband or he finds other places to go to. He says know why am I doing this and you have to support me. She says my self respect is being hurt too. I am worried for my babbu. We shoudln’t lose him in your game.
Nimki sits with babbu at the bench. she says do you fall in love when you see me. I live what you do for papa. I will thank you on text. A woman’s heart only opens once. You missed that chane. He says how is your father? She says breathing I will make him alive again.

Scene 2
Mauha says to Tune are you thinkin the same thing.
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