Patiala Babes 14th December 2018 written episode written update

Biji asking Babita to return to the house. Mini tells Biji to ask Ashok to take them back. She wants Meeta out of the house. She asks Babita to think logically and not get emotional. She requests Biji not to blackmail her babes.
Ashok tells Meeta that his family is traditional. Meeta says that she loved him. Ashok explains that returning to London is not an option. He needs his family’s contacts for his business.
Biji returns and raises questions about Ashok and Meeta’s live in situation. She drags Meeta out of the room. Biji blames Meeta for Babita and Mini leaving. Meeta cries and asks Ashok to defend her. Ashok gives Biji an ultimatum that if Meeta leaves then so will he.

Biji agrees with him and says that he should leave too. Dada ji also agrees and gives Ashok and Meeta two days to leave the house.
Babita asks Mini whether she should fight for Ashok. Mini says that she should only fight for her happiness.
Mini and Pinku plan to make Babita happy. Babita cooks halwa for the family. Mini hugs her. Babita tells Mini to explain to Sonu to study hard.
Pinku and Saroj talk about reconciling Babita and Ashok. Frustrated Pinku stops Sonu and asks about his marks. He scolds Sonu and breaks his phone. Sonu blames Babita and Mini for his carelessness.

Precap: Sonu throws the halwa. Saroj cries about living costs. In the next scene, Babita cries on the terrace with Mini.