Patiala Babes 17th December 2018 written update written episode

Babita bringing halwa for Pinku. She also gives the bowl to Sonu but he throws it. Saroj beats him and cries about the expensive living costs.
Dada ji appreciates Biji for being hard on Ashok to give justice to Babita. She says that Mini is still distrusting of her.
Mini cries at the gurudwara. She asks Babita where they will live now. They pray at the gurudwara.
Ashok and Meeta go out to eat. Meeta says that maybe leaving their house is the best thing for them. Ashok arranges for the bank officials to meet his parents for the house instalments. The bank officials give his parents one day to pay the instalments.
Biji tells dada ji that they only have 50,000 rupees in their bank account.

Dada ji refuses to sell biji’s jewellery.
Babita tells Mini to think of a better morning. As soon as they go to sleep, they hear Pinku and Saroj fighting about them. Saroj says that they should send them to Ashok’s house. Pinku refuses.
Babita wakes up Pinku. He lies about sleeping on the couch. She tells him that she knew he and Saroj were fighting about her last night. She explains to him to take better care of Saroj.
Next morning, Ashok pays the house instalment. He tells the bank official not to worry his parents.
Precap: Babita and Mini think about where to go next.