Patiala Babes 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Teerath Singh telling Hanuman Singh about the laws. He says he will do everything possible to get Babita and Mini their due share from Ashok’s property.
Teerath is also of the opinion of not taking any fees from Babita. Hanuman gives the legal papers to Babita concerning the alimony.
Babita says she doesn’t need any alimony from Ashok. Mini supports her Babes. Babita pleads in front of them not to hurt her self respect more.
Hanuman, however, disagrees with Babita’s decision and finds it kiddish.
Ashok is angry on the alimony concept. He finds the rules to be women-centric. Mita feels that Babita can never ask for alimony.
Sukhi Ji tells Dadaji and Biji that he will take care of their expenses. Though, Lovely doesn’t like Sukhi Ji’s decision. Dadaji senses this and praises Babita.
Babita and Mini decide to sell off their jewelry to pay Teerath’s fees.
In the morning, Hanuman is tensed as he couldn’t find the old newspapers bundle. Babita has taken the newspapers to find a job for her. Naeem Bi supports her and motivates her to make a call.
Babita tries for a receptionist job. She fails to follow the instructions.