Patiala Babes 25th December 2018 written episode written update

Babita and Mini facing rejection in looking for a room. Khatri informs others not to let Babita and Mini rent a place to live.
Inspector Hanuman Singh and other police officers investigate robbery at the temple.
Mini gives hope to Babita that they should continue looking for a room. They visit the temple to seek Goddess’ blessings. Their footwear gets stolen. The kids see Mini looking for other’s footwear and think they are the thieves. They are taken to the police station. Mini and Inspector Hanuman Singh banter. Babita tells him that they only borrowed the footwear for some time. Inspector Hanuman Singh tells the kids that they caught the wrong thief.

He asks Mini about their search for renting a property. Mini says that they didn’t have any luck so far. He offers them tea and leaves.
Mini says that maybe Goddess wishes that they rent Inspector Hanuman Singh’s property. Babita shares her reluctance with Mini. Babita shares that there are a few problems such as he lives alone and is a stranger. Mini says that they don’t have any other option. Inspector Hanuman Singh informs them that Khatri is behind everything. Mini tells Inspector Hanuman Singh that they accept his offer.