Patiala Babes 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Hanuman doubts Babita’s strange act of scrolling through old newspapers.
Mini and Preet come to a jewelry shop to sell off the ornaments. The shopkeeper doubts them and accuses them of stealing the jewelry from their home.
The shopkeeper inquires about her parents. Mini says her Babes send them to sell off the jewelry. He decides to call the police to get Mini and Preet arrested.
Babita tries calling for the receptionist job again. She feels bad as she finds herself incompetent for the job.
Preet’s mother comes to the shop and curses Mini. Mini gives Hanuman’s number to the police officers. Hanuman tries to make Mini and Babita realize their mistake.
Hanuman advises Babita and Mini to seek alimony from Ashok as it is their right. He gives an example of Mahatma Gandhi to make them realize the difference between self-respect and ego.
Preet’s mother tells Lovely about the jewelry shop incident. Lovely blames Babita for defaming Ashok by doing all these creepy acts.
Babita signs the documents wherein she seeks court’s help to get alimony and financial help for Mini from Ashok as her legal right.
Hanuman and Mini are happy.
Precap: Biji lashes out at Babita after learning that she is seeking alimony from Ashok.