Patiala Babes 28th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update 

Babita is reminiscing her past memories and conversations she had with others. Hanuman sees Babita awake and couldn’t sleep.
Babita thinks about how her in-laws will react to her alimony decision. Hanuman comes and questions her about the reason of her worry.
Hanuman tries to make Babita realize that she should not waste her tears thinking about the people who have ditched her. Babita feels relaxed after listening to Hanuman’s advice.
In the morning, Ashok tells Biji and Dadaji about Babita’s decision to seek alimony from him.
Dadaji supports Babita. Ashok tries to manipulate Biji against Babita.
Sukhi ji comes to Hanuman’s place to meet Babita and Mini. Mini gets happy seeing him.
Biji collects all the jewelry of Babita. Lovely gets irked as she has to give her jewelry also as it belongs to Babita.
Sukhi ji gives money to Mini as a sign of his blessings for her. Babita refuses to take the money as she feels that it will be wrong as Lovely doesn’t know about it.