Patiala Babes 6th December 2018 written episode written update

Mini asking her Papaji about the reality of the message. When Mini asks him about the earrings, Ashok says that he brought similar earrings for Biji and Lovely too. He also says that Mita purchased all that stuff for them.
She finally asks him whether he loves Babita or not. Ashok says no. Everybody in the house gets heart-broken. Babita hangs the call. Mini confronts her Babes and says that all her love stories
Mini leaves the house in anger. The show saw a new entry today by the name of Micky Ahluwalia. Micky is a casinova and flirts with every random girl. Micky stares at Mini.
In the house, everyone is concerned about Mini. Biji sends Bobby to find Mini. Bobby asks Mini to come home for the sake of her Babes.
As Mini reaches home, Lovely starts questioning her. Babita in her anxiousness slaps Mini and scolds her for staying out for so long.
Biji asks Mini not to be upset on her Babes. Babita comes in the room. Mini avoids her. Babita says that Ashok is not at fault. Mini says she doesn’t want to talk to her and asks her to leave. Patiala Babes story 6 Dec WU episode ends.