Pehredaar Piya Ki 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chotithakurayan Starts Her Plans Against Diya

Diya tells CT and family that she wants their blessing to fulfill Babjisa/Maan’s given responsibilities to her, she will go to hotel today. She touches CT’s feet, but she backs off. Diya thinks she has to go to hotel at 10 a.m., but will finish another work first. She walks a bit, but CT stops her. Bua gets happy that CT stopped Diya. CT asks Jhumki to bring aarti thali and does Diya’s aarti. Bua fumes in anger. Diya greets CT and leaves. Bhuvan asks CT it was blessing aarti or announcement ofwar.

Diya reaches lawyer’s office. Lawyer greets her. Diya thanks her for meeting her so urgently. Lawyer says it is his duty and asks how can he help her. Diya says they way he read legal will yesterday, she knows how much Babji saa trusts him. Babjisaa gave her responsibility

to protect Ratan, she has taken police protection for 2 months and wants to find culprit soon as Ratan is being attacked repeatedly and yesterday he was locked in trunk which does not lock easily. Lawyer says Babjisaa wanted pehredar for Ratan and he chose Diya rightly. He reminisces incidents where Maan and Ratan are attacked and says she has 60 days and will find out culprit by then. She say she will leave for hotel now. He insists to drop her and says he is like a daughter. He drops her near hotel and says she has a great responsibility and he knows she wil fulfill it.

Diya enters hotel. People talk she is new CEO of Kesar Group of Hotels. Ayush and Mohak walk near her. Mohak says why did she come alone, he would have come to pick her. Diya apologizes and says she will remember. Ayush introduces Diya to staff as new CEO and taking place of Maan.

CT gives raat rani plant to maid and asks to keep it near Diya’s room. Bua says this plant attracts snake, why she is keeping it near Diya’s room. CT says snakes don’t get trap easily, they should be attracted first and then killed. Bua asks what she means. CT smirks and leaves.

Staff greets Diya. Mohak and Ayush walk with her. She remembers lawyer’s words that whole family is watching her and she should not do any mistake. At home, Jhumki keeps knife in kitchen silently and leaves. Cook sees that, picks knife and says it lost sharpness, Jhumki spoils his kitchen items always. Diya continues walking with Ayush and Mohk and slips. Mohak holds her. Her slipper flies and falls on a guest. Guest gets angry. She apologizes. Mohak calls home and asks Jhumki to send Diya’s new sandals. She informs CT. Sakshi says thakurani wears cheap sandals and Sajjan should have bought costly ones. Thakurani must have be embarrassed in front of everyone. Diya asks how did sandal broke. Bhuvan laughs and says CT started her game.

Mohak tells Diya that he ordered new sandals for her, she is a boss and cannot wear staff’s cheap sandals. Servant brings cotton sandals. Mohak says until sandals come, she can wear them. Diya wears and walks towards Maan’s cabin. Ayush thinks she will walk on Maan’s path and guide them. Diya reminisces Maan’s words. Ayush says she is taking Daata Hukum’s place and should remember his teachings, he used to say final impression is last impression. Diya looks at her cotton sandals. Mohak asks staff to fix Diya Ratan Singh’s name on wall. Diya walks in and looks at Maan’s chair carefully. She asks to get another chair for her as it is Daata Hukum’s chair and Ratan deserves it and will sit on it when he grows up. She also asks to fix Daata Hukum Ratan Singh’s name plate and her namebelow it. Diya sits on another seat and checks lever. Mohak says she will meet staff today and know them. She asks when is this meeting. Ayush says it is boss’s wish. Chair lowers suddenly. She says 11L30 a.m. is fine.

Precap: Jhumki locks Diya in a dark room and thinks her condition will be like Abhimanyu’s of Mahabharat. Diya pleads to open door.