Pehredaar Piya Ki 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 9th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan tells Diya that she must have danced well and kaaki maasa/CT must have been happy with her, she will love her like him. Diya reminisces Priya’s words that CT and her family are liers and they will insult her father. She also reminisces finding silver sword in Sajjan’s room and hiding it in plant. Ratan wipes her tears and asks why she is crying, if she is remembering her parents, even he misses his parents but cannot talk to them, but she can. He video calls Diya’s mother and greets khamma ghani saasu maasa. Mother happily greets him. He gives phone to Diya. Diya asks why she is looking so dull, if she got asthma attack again, she can see inhaler behind her, more than her, she needs papasa with her. Mother says she is fine and will talk to her later, disconnects call. Diya

thinks she should speak to Priya in the morning and find out secret.

In the morning, Diya wakes up hurriedly thinking Priya must have headed to hotel and runs out asking maid to take care of Ratan. She reaches Priya’s room and sees her getting ready for hotel. She thanks her for saving her yesterday and because of her she realized, her papasa is in trouble. She asks her to help her again and tell what is the secret. Priya says she does not remember anything told in inebriation, she is getting late for hotel. Diya says she knows she told everything in conscience and pleads her to help her. Priya says she already has many responsibilities and cannot take responsibility of helping her. CT enters and says nayi bahu is worried about Priya more, says Priya that she is getting late for hotel. Priya leaves.

Diya walks towards her room when she sees Yash asking Priya when will he get his play station. She says soon. He gets happy and seeing Diya asks if Ratan got ready for school. Diya says she will check right now. She enters room and sees Ratan still in night dress and asks if he will not go to school. He says he is married now and will not go to school. Diya says Mohak and others go to work after marriage, even h should. He agrees. She gives his uniform and asks to get ready soon. He asks her to continue convincing kaaki maasa and goes to washroom. Diya thinks Priya will not say anything, so she has to do something. She calls someone over phone and speaks.

Ratan joins family for breakfast. Bhuvan asks Mohak when is lawyer coming to prepare will. Ratan asks what is will. Bhuvan sits silently. CT prepares choc milk. Ratan gets happy thinking it is for him, but she gives it to Yash. Ratan request CT to give milk also to him. CT ignores him and feeds Yash. Shivani asks CT to give milk to Ratan. Diya brings milk. CT says Ratan’s wife brought milk. Diya prepares choc milk. Ratan says it is light and not like CT’s magical dark choc milk. Sakshi comments nobody can prepare tasty food like maasa. Diya adds more choc mix in milk, but color does not change. Diya asks him to drink this today, she will learn to prepare perfect milk tomorrow and rushes to get his school bag. Shivani silently gives Yash’s milk to Ratan and he finishes it. Diya returns and sees milk glass empty. Yash asks how did his choc milk become light.

Mohak taunts Ayush that he found lost family sword in a day, he is so great, anyways police wil come today. Ayush says only family people can differentiate between real and fake, one who stays in other’s house cannot. CT hears that and warns them to stop fighting. Jhumki informs CT that someone has come to meet her, should she call him in. CT permits. Inspector comes. CT says if he has come for charity, she is ready. Inspector says he has not come for charity, he is on duty and is called here. CT says he must be mistaken. Diya enters and says she called him here. CT and her team are shocked hearing that. Diya walks towards them and says she filed FIR in police station. Ayush asks for what. Inspector says thakurani doubts someone in palace wants to kill her and daata hukkum Ratan and if it is true, then culprit will be punished for 2 years. He greets and leaves. Bhuvan laughs that this girl made them culprit. Diya thanks inspector and requests not to leak this news outside police station. Inspector agrees.

Precap: Ratan sees Mohak greeting honeymoon couple at hotel and asks what is honeymoon. Mohak says after marriage husband takes his wife out of station and even he should take Diya out.