The Episode starts with Pooja shouting Naren. It turns out to be her imagination. Sarla coems there and wishes Pooja happy new year. She gives her strength to fight for Naren and says God gave this strength to only women and says you are avatar of Shakti. She says Mr. Kapoor can’t win and will be defeated. Naren gets Mr. Kapoor’s message and he asks him to come for new year party and free Pooja from his clutches.

Two women make Pooja ready for the party. Mr. Kapoor comes and kisses on her hand. He is about to kiss on her shoulder and says you have no choice than me, with whom you have to live all life. Pooja calls him uncle and asks him to go and get ready. Mr. Kapoor says CCTV will be repaired which you have broken. Pooja calls Police and informs that Mr. Kapoor is going to s*xually exploit

a mentally challenged girl in his party. She applies lipstick as sindoor on her forehead.

Supriya shows Naren’s kundali to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says according to your kundali, Naren is not your first child as your first child was dead at the time of birth. Supriya is shocked. Mr. Kapoor tells that Pooja will be of Devil before 12 and Prince charming will die. Pooja thinks Devil will die. The guards stand infront of Pooja so that Naren couldn’t see her. Naren comes to party. Mr. Kapoor challenges him. A woman wearing clothes like Pooja acts to be Pooja. When Naren follows her, she locks him in room. Pooja sees policemen in disguise of a party visitors. Pooja pretends to fight with the girl to divert their attention.

Video is played on the TV when Dada ji comes to meet Pooja, but the video is paused, Naren searches for the remote. Mr. Kapoor tells her that he got new dress for her and takes her to room. Policemen see Mr. Kapoor taking Pooja and thinks it seems this is the mentally challenged girl. Mr. Kapoor takes her to room and shows the dress. He says he will help her wear it and unzips her dress. Pooja waits for Policemen to come. She hits him and covers her back.

Mr. Kapoor laughs and says it can’t happen with you, you tried to fool me and says he did PhD in madness. Pooja looks at the door. Mr. Kapoor says you are also innocent like Naren and says you tried to buy police in my city. He sings song. Pooja takes scissor in his hand and keeps on Mr. Kapoor’s neck and asks him to free Dada ji. Mr. Kapoor tells that he has held Naren captive and he can kill them whenever they want. He says you are too good Kapoor and says I love myself. He says I want to see you in saree and asks her to wear it.

Pooja throws the saree and says I don’t accept this gift. Mr. Kapoor shows the room in which Naren is locked. She gets worried and thinks Dada ji’s truth will be known to Naren now. Mr. Kapoor says truth will be known to Naren when a button is pressed and says lets start the love game. He plays the video. Naren sees the video. Pooja tries to snatch the phone from his hand, but Mr. Kapoor doesn’t let her and holds her neck. He pauses the video. Naren thinks what does he wants. Pooja cries. Mr. Kapoor tells that she is his obsession and until he gets her, he won’t be at peace. He asks her to get ready in saree. Pooja recalls the promise made to Dada ji.

Mr. Kapoor dances with Pooja and asks her to sit on his lap.