The Episode starts with Mr. Kapoor asking Pooja if she will get ready or will get the truth revealed to Naren. Pooja helplessly agrees to wear saree and goes. Mr. Kapoor smiles. Naren thinks about Naina’s words that Pooja has a burden on her heart. Naren thinks if Naina and Mr. Kapoor have a connection. Mr. Kapoor thinks love will take his life. Pooja comes wearing the saree. Mr. Kapoor says gorgeous, stunning and says one gift is ok. He shows her Dada ji’s video and says he is getting ready to be roasted. She holds his collar and says Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor says may be your burning eyes may make Dada ji burn. Pooja asks if he didn’t have any shame. Mr. Kapoor says he forgot the shame when he fell in love with her. Priya says she is ready to do anything and asks him to let Dada ji go. Mr. Kapoor

says so much love and asks her to love him thinking him to be Naren.

Dada ji sees the video and says you can’t play with her. Pooja cries and says you would have given me death rather than humiliating me. Naren thinks who is this man in the hospital room. Pooja is about to cut her wrist with knife, when Mr. Kapoor snatches knife from her hand. He asks her to agree to his saying and drink wine. He asks her to woo him just like she wooed Naren. Dada ji says Pooja don’t worry, God is with you. Naren looks at the paused video and says I promise Pooja, I will start this new year with you, no matter what. Mr. Kapoor says if you don’t let me what I need, I will pay Naren and dada ji touches. He lifts the shawl. Pooja recalls all the good times spent with Naren. Dada ji closes his eyes as Mr. Kapoor touches her. Mr. Kapoor sits on chair.

Pooja gives him wine. He pulls her closer. Naren gets an idea and removes the Projection screen from the wall and see the window. Mr. Kapoor ties chain around her waist. Dada ji is teary eyes and prays to God, and asks God to come and kill the devil. Naren breaks the window with the sword which he has. Mr. Kapoor asks her to turn and show her. He dances with her. Pooja looks at Dada ji in the video. Naren manages to come out of the duct. Mr. Kapoor asks Pooja to sit on his lap and says your new Naren wants you to sit. Pooja says you are inviting your end Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor says you are feeling ashamed of Dada ji and closes the TV. Pooja is about to sit on his lap when Naren comes there running. Pooja cries and runs to him. Ve Saiyya plays….she hugs Naren. Naren covers her with shawl. Mora Piya Albela plays……

Mr. Kapoor is shocked and laughs. He says rajkumar came to rescue his princess and says beauty is to show. Naren holds his hand and beats him. Dada ji sees Naren beating Mr. kapoor. Dada ji tells the goons that his grand son came to rescue his bahu. Naren asks Pooja not to worry and takes Mr. Kapoor out. Mr. Kapoor laughs and shows him kids tied while the fire is circled. He says 321 and says boom. Pooja shouts Dada ji and everyone feel the blast happened nearby. Mr. Kapoor says he has many bombs planted in Kapoor Mansion. Pooja runs searching for Dada ji. Naren is shocked. Mr. Kapoor says Pooja is inside and says boom. Naren asks what do you want? Mr. Kapoor says he just loves Pooja and wants to see him on his feet. He says if you do this then I will tell you who was that man with your Rani. Pooja hears him and gets shocked.

Mr. Kapoor asks Naren to drink wine and adds poison in it. Naren vomits blood and falls unconscious. Pooja shouts Naren.