The Episode starts with Pooja asking Naren to call mummy and inform her to make pizza. Naren looks at the phone and says this is Kapoor’s phone, how it is with me. He tries to unlock it and check with Pooja’s name and DOB. Pooja snatches the phone from his hand. They come home. Pooja looks at the stairs and thinks she shall execute her plan. Supriya hugs Naren and gets happy. Pooja says she wants to go to her room. Mayank says now bhai and bhabhi will be in the house. Pooja steps on the stairs and falls down. Naren shouts. Pooja acts as if she gets her memory back and says tomorrow is our marriage. Naren gets happy and hugs her. It turns out to be Pooja’s imagination. Naren searches for his phone and asks driver to drive as he couldn’t find it. They reach home. Supriya asks Naren why did he

leave without informing her. Naren says he went for her treatment. Neelima says if there is any improvement.

Pooja looks at the stairs and climbs up. She is about to fall, but Naina holds her hand to spoil her plans. Pooja calls her jiji and hugs her. Naina says she reached safely. Mayank says he called her many times. They ask who is she? Naren says she is Pooja’s sister. Pooja takes Kapoor’s phone and keeps in her pocket. Naina sees it and tells Supriya that she will take Pooja to room. Pooja asks did you see my teddy. Naina asks her not to fool her and says she is not fool like Naren.

Pooja says it is good and asks why she is acting to be good with her, and says she still remembers how she tried to kill her. Naina says it would have been good if you have died. Pooja says it is not good to do sins in the name of your mum. Naina asks her to continue her acting till she says. Pooja says why you think I will do this. Naina comes close to her and may be steals Kapoor’s phone, says she knows that she is hiding some secret with Naren.

Naina says she will get to know soon, and also knows that you don’t want to tell this to Naren. She threatens to make Doctor confess to Naren how she brought him to treat Naren. Harsha comes there and asks Pooja to drink juice. Pooja acts normal and asks her to keep it. Naina gets shocked while Harsha is surprised. Naina says good and tells she was teaching her how to talk properly. Harsha blesses her.

Neelima gets shocked to know that Naina is Pooja’s illegitimate sister. Harish tells Naren that Naina can’t stay here. Naren says Naina will stay with us. Harish says I am not in this favor. Surbhi gets Rahul’s message asking her to come and see the surprise. Naina asks Pooja if she will act.. Pooja says if you think that you will blackmail me then it is wrong. She says she will act Naren with her wish. Naina says until you acts to be mad, I can stay here. Pooja calls her jiji and acts mad. Naina reacts. Pooja thinks she will not let truth comes out.

Naina drops the food. Harish tells that from today he will have food in the room. Pooja thinks if Harish comes to know the truth then he can’t accept Naren.