The Episode starts with Naren slapping Pooja and says you have thrown this phone, then how it came from your bag. She recalls Naina telling her all the best. Naren says I was worried for you and was roaming like mad for your treatment. Pooja says she was helpless to act mad. Naren asks what was your helplessness to do this. He asks if he passed the test or not. Pooja asks him not to make his love feel ashamed. Naren says just your love, and asks if it is not my love. Pooja recalls promising Dada ji. She says I can’t let this truth come infront of you. Naren says your secret is beyond our love. Pooja says there is nothing above our love. Naren throws phone on her and asks her to unlock it and tell him what she is hiding in it. He says I am sure you are hiding something and it is in Kapoor’s phone.

He asks her to think and says if I unlock it then it will be not good. Pooja asks him not to open phone and gives him promise. Naren asks her to tell truth. He says this is the last chance to clear the misunderstanding and throws phone near her. Pooja goes to him and recalls her marriage with him. She recalls Naren protecting her from Kapoor and then Supriya, Dada ji. She throws the phone away. Naren is shocked. She is about to say. Naren says I got an answer and it was all illusion which you did with me. Pooja cries and sits down. Naren walks off.

Rahul makes Dada ji wash his hands and asks him to bless Surbhi. Dadaji blesses her. Rahul asks him to tell the secret to treasure and asks what is your order. He then take care of animals in the farms. Harish calls Naren and asks where is he? Naren says we are coming home and tells that there is good news with us. He asks him to make Supriya make arrangements for Utsav and asks Mayank to keep the guitar ready. Pooja comes to Naren and says this is for your betterment. Naren says I can’t believe you and says whatever will happen will happen infront of everyone. Pooja thinks what to do now and wishes she would have meet Dada ji. Supriya asks Harish why did Naren asked her to make the arrangements. Harish says whatever happening is good and asks her not to have any hard feelings for Pooja. Neelima says I am scared, if that mad Pooja is giving good news. Supriya is shocked and gets worried.

Satish tells that Harish called and said that Naren and Pooja have returned and says he is going to meet them. Rachel asks can I come with you. Satish nods yes. Rahul takes bath and says Vyas Empire owner is taking bath in jungle. He applies soap on his face and asks Surbhi to give water. Surbhi says I am not your servant. Dada ji says bahu will not give you water and asks him to take care of her. Neelima messages surbhi to return fast and writes about the Utsav. Pooja and Naren take lift in the truck. Gajre ki…song plays…

Naina tears Naren and Pooja’s pic and throws it. She then eyes Naren’s pic and smashes Pooja’s pic with her feet. Naren recalls Pooja telling that she can’t let the truth come out. Pooja tries to stop Naren as he gets down from the truck. Hardik asks Mayank what is the reason for Naren’s happiness. Mayank says I don’t know. Naina comes there and tells Supriya that if she had a mother then she would have taught her cooking. Supriya asks her to work with her in kitchen. Naina thanks and hugs her. Supriya says this is all Naren’s choice. Naina thinks I shall understand Naren’s choice. Mayank tells Naina that the food is good. Harish asks why you are making street people work. Naina tries to say. Harish asks her to call him Mr. Vyas. Naina thinks she will call him sasur ji soon.

Satish and Rachel come to meet Pooja. Satish gets shocked seeing naina there. Naina asks Rachel to come to her room. Pooja falls down as she calls Naren. Naren turns and asks if she is acting again. Pooja nods no. Ve Saiyya plays….Pooja thinks you can leave me behind, but I will not leave you.

Naren asks Pooja why she is in shock and asks her to smile. Pooja gives him guitar and sings song.