Piya Albela: Naren shocked as Pooja walk away with Chandrika (Upcoming Episode)

Piya Albela: Dadaji to reunite Naren (Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja (Sheen Das)

Viewers of Zee TV’s popular show Piya Albela will get to see some high voltage drama and major twists in coming episodes.

As Pooja chooses Chandrika over Supriya, Naren stand shocked and dumbfounded.

However, Chandrika try to stop Pooja from breaking her relation with husband for her.

Further, Mayank and Harsha try to stop Pooja from leaving Vyas house but Naren doesn’t budge.

Moreover, Pooja leaves with Chandrika by giving all her best wishes to Naren and his family.

Dadaji to reveal truth to Naren

On the other hand, Dadaji recalls Pooja and Naren and thinks Naren’s reality should not affect Pooja and his married life.

Thus, Dadji will try to find a way to reach Vyas Mansion and soon he will clear the misunderstanding between Pooja and Naren.

Let us wait and watch as huge drama will follow as Dadji will reveal about Pooja’s sacrifice for Naren.

Stay tuned for more drama and twists on the show.