Puru beats soldiers. Shivdutt is shocked to see Anusuya and orders soldiers to kill them. Anusuya reminisces Shivdutt throwing her son away long ago and shouts her child. Sumer swims and reaches shores to get diamond back and picks it. Bamni watches yakshagan dance and remembers painted artist meeting him, searches him everywhere, reminisces his words that he came on Bamni’s invitation and realizes he was Puru. He orders to stop performances and asks rani to felicitate Darius. Queen walks to Darius and does his aarti. Darius reminisces Anusuya insulting him and thinks long ago one queen insulted him and another is felicitating. Puru beats all soldiers and to escape breaks stage’s pillar. Just when queen is about to apply tilak on Darius, stage falls smearing Darius’ face with color. Puru lifts Anusuya and runs into boat and leaves in boat with Anusuyta and Laachi. Bamni with his whole team watches fuming. Sumer could not escape and hides back under stage room.

Darius taunts Bamni that Pourav rastra’s security is so weak t hat a dasyu breached it easily and escaped. Bamni says Dasyu will be caught and punished soon. Darius says what is the use of beating stick after snake left, Bamni failed to respect his guest. He continues tongue lashing Bamni and leaves. Shivdutt fume reminiscing seeing Anusuya alive. Bamni walks to him and scolds their security is so weak that a dasyu breached it and easily escaped. Shivdutt bends his head in shame.

Kanishk sees Sumer and orders soldiers to catch him. Sumer hides under stage room. Kanishk and soldiers search him piercing swords under sand bags. Sword injures Sumer’s hand and he drops diamond. Soldier says Kanishk let us search somewhere else. Kanish walks out shouting let us see till when he will escape.

Puru rides boat with Anusuya and Laachi. Anusuya dreams about Shivdutt throwing her son in river and wakes up shouting he will kill her son. Puru consoles her..

Precap: Bamni addresses Sabha that dynasty’s responsibility of dignity and shame is on king, a Dasyu easily tore their dignity and left, now he will not sit on throne until dasyu is caught. Puru reaches dasyu Pradesh. Ripu Daman and his wife are surprised to see Anusuya..