Bamni takes oath not to sit on king’s chair till he finds Dasyu Puru and punishes him. Darius says he does not have to do that. Bamni says a king’s duty is not just to enjoy the kingdom, but also to protect it. Darius became Faras’ king from a businessman, he would not understand what he means. He tells Shivdutt that Dasyu risked their life to save a Pourav rastra woman related to them, if he found out who that woman was. Shivdutt nervously says she was a common mad woman. Bamni says if that woman was common, Dusyus would not have risked their lives to rescue her, we should find out who that woman is to know where Dasyu lok is and their motto.

Lachi asks Puru how will he take Anusuya into Dasyu Pradesh as a stranger is not allowed there, what will he tell about Sumer not returning with

them. He tells they will take Anusuya as a good and tell Sumer went to Magadh to drop slaves there.

In Dasyu lok, Dasyu queen Nandini gets worried for Sumer, Laachi and Puru and expreses her concern in front of Sajjan Singh/Ripu Daman. Sajjan says they would be safe and would return soon. Nanadini says he sent children where he came from for protection, she cannot take a chance and will herself go to Pourav rastra. She informs her team that they are going to Pourav Rastra. Sajjan walks to his house and picks his sword. Pritha says he cannot go to Dasyu Pradesh. He says he has to as it is Nandini’s order and have to bring back Puru, Sumer and Laachi. Hasti returns and says Puru is back, how can he spoil baba’s trust. Sajjan runs out happily. Nandini gets happy seeing Puru and Laachi and asks where is Sumer. Puru says he went to Magadh to drop slaves as they did not want slaves to return back to Dasyu lok and know its route. Anusuya is kept in a secret room. She reminisces Sivdutt trying to kill her and throwing her son in river. She shouts she will not let him harm her son.

In Pourav rastra, Shivdutt gulps liquor reminiscing seeing Anusuya again, he reminisces killing her and her son and thinks how can she return back. He imagines Anusuya who says his truth will come in front of everyone. Bamni walks in and says he does not like backstabbing. Ripudaman also walks in and says his end is nearing. He panics and shouts and thinks when he sent Samar Singh to kill Ripudaman, he was killed by Dasyus, Anusuya is with Dasyu, that means Anusuya will take revenge and end him. He shouts Anusuya and Ripudaman will die, he will not accept defeat. Where did Dasyu Puru take Anusuya.

Puru takes food for Anusuya in a cloth and hides it seeing Hasti. Hasti says he taugt a nice lesson to Sumer. Puru asks what did he do. Hasti says whatever he did to him, holding his broken wrist. Puru says maa did not want him to go to Pourav rastra. Hasti asks how can he assume and break his wrist. Puru says he did not have any other way. Hasti challenges to wait till he blocks all his way. Sajjan returns and stops Hasti. Hasti says he forgot Puru is Sajjan’s favorite son, so he will not disturb them. He leaves. Puru asks him not to worry, Hasti will be alright. Sajjan says he knows what he is hiding. Puru stops tensed.

Precap: Anusuya’s room catches fire and she calls Puru. Puru runs to rescue her.