Porus 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Twchannels.com

Puru tries to take food for Anusuya, hiding. Sajjan Singh/Ripudaman stops him and says a son should not hide anything from father. Anusuya thinks Puru left her alone, how can he do that. She opens door and stops seeing someone. Puru asks Sajjan why will he hide anything from him. Sajjan says he does not know why, but knows what is he hiding. He says he knows what happened with Chintan in Pourav rastra, why did he hide it then. Puru says he wanted to tell, but didn’t find time. Chintan gave their whereabouts to Bamni and Bamni killed Chintan, Bamni is under the influence of Farsis and is not a competent king. Sajjan angrily says Bamni is a very competent and superior king. On the other side, Laachi stops Anusuya and says Puru has gone to get food for her. Anusuya gets happy.

Puru asks

Sajjan what he knows about Pourav Rastra. Sajjan is about to speak when Nandini walks in and angrily tells Puru that her spies returned from Magadh and informed that Sumer did not reach there. Puru says Sumer must be on the way after dropping slaves. He asks Sajjan what he wanted to say about Pourav rastra. Sajjan seeing Nandini says he will tell later. Puru leaves. Nandini warns Sajjan that she does not want his past trouble Dasyu rastra’s present or future.

Shivdutt gulps alcohol angrily reminiscing seeing Anusuya alive. Farus walks in and asks if he can help his friend and asks to tell his concern. Shivdutt says Dasyus easily walked away after insulting Pouravs, he wants to catch them and punish brutally. Kanishk walks in and says he could not find Dasyu. Darius checks Kanishk’s sword and shows blood on it. Kanishk fumes that Dasyu was present in stage room itself. Darius gives his usual gyaan.

Sumer walks in market hiding and thinks where to hide. He sees a house where a mother is feeding her child and hides behind vase. Child’s ball falls and he walks to pick it, sees Sumer and stands in a shock. Mother calsl him to come and have food, else she will call Dasyu. Child says Dasyu. Mother walks to him and seeing Sumer shouts Dasyu is here. Sumer runs while soldiers run behind him.

Hasti sees Puru walking holding something and follows him. Puru senses someone following him and turns. Hasti hides.

Precap: Aredius tells Sumer after winning battle, let us see how king Philip will do justice. Hasti sees Lachi and Puru getting out of a room and thinks to find what Puru is hiding there.