Porus 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Philip Declares Alexander As Future King

Porus 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Twchannels.com

Puru walks carrying food for Anusuya. Hasti sees Puru walking suspiciously holding something and follows him. Puru senses someone following him, turns and finds no one. Someone stops Hasti and chats with him. Puru gets out of sight by then. Hasti thinks where did Puru go. Puru feeds food to Anusuya. Anusuya tells her imaginary child that she told Puru would bring food for them, asks Puru if he brought food for her child also. Puru says yes. She acts as feeding her child. Puru says her son’s stomach is full, now she should have food. She says yes. He emotionally asks if he can feed her She says yes. He feeds her with teary emotionally. Laachi watches smiling and picks fruit. Puru says this fruit is for maa. Anusuya says yes this fruit is for me. Puru feeds her fruit. Laachi says seeing the love he is showering who will tell that he is tough and brutal dasyu. Puru says coconut is tough from outside and soft inside, if he does not act as tough, how will he protect his people.

Sumer runs from soldiers and hiding at a house asks a man to help him, he will give precious diamond in return with which he does not have to work for whole life. Man shouts here Dasyu is. Sumer runs aagain and soldiers follow him. Kanishk hits Sumer from opposite direction and he falls down. Kanishk picks diamond and says he will clear his old revenge first.

In Macedonia, king Philip enters battle field with Alexander, Aredius, and soldiers. Aredius asks Alexander after winning the battle, how will Philip decide who is the better warrior among two. Alexander says there are innumerable enemies in front of them and whoever kills most enemies will be considered superior warrior. They both fight. Aredius kills one soldier at a time while Alexander kills many. Aredius gets jealous and attacks. Alexander kills even Aredius’ opponents and continues killing enemies irking Aredius more. Aredius thinks he will not let Alexander increase his count. He starts killing enemies. They both see horse riders. Aredius rus in their direction. They shower arrows on him and he hides behind armour and seeing Alexander continuing his killing spree thinks Alexander played a big game. Philips falls injured. Alexander says until he is there, nothing will happen to Philip. He kills enemies while Philip watches. After winning battle, injured Philip says he proved that he is his son, he is proud of his son and his son has every quality of a good king. Philip breathes his last while his people chant Alexander’sname.

After feeding Anusuya, Puru and Laachi silently walk out of safe hut. Hasti watches them and decides to find out what is in that hut. Laachi collapses while walking. Puru holds her and asks to open her eyes.

Precap: Darius tells Bamni that he wants his army to protect his people in Bharath also. Hasti peeps into hut and sees Puru with an old woman.