Porus 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sajjan To Reveal Puru’s Identity To Him

Bamni rejects Darius’ proposal of establishing Farsi soldier’s cantonment in Pourav rastra saying his soldiers will feel inferior and he does not want that. He assures Farsi people’s safety in Pourav rastra. Darius says years ago Bamni had explained significance of khandvi, but he failed to build a strong vessel to hold it. He says let Faras’ glass hold it now. He says something is special in Faras that whole world is afraid of them, be it Iran or any neighboring region. Bamni says let us have a friendly fight between Pourav and Farsi soldiers and if Poruavs win, Darius will drop his idea and if he wins, then he can build his cantonment here. Darius agrees. Bamni says his soldiers will take time to come here. Darius says he is a businessman before king, so he has made arrangements already  and his soldiers are on the way.

Shivdutt stops Kanishk taking Sumer in front of Bamni and asks if this is Puru. Kanishk says he is Puru’s friend. Shivdutt asks soldiers to put Sumer in jail. Kanishk asks why he should not take dasyu in front of Bamni. Shivdutt says they should torture Sumer until he reveals Puru’s whereabouts.

Puru sits for dinner with Sajjan and waits for Hasti to come. Hasti enters and asks where did his brotherly love vanish when he broke his wrist. Puru sits silently. Pritha feeds Hasti says it is good he broke his wrist, now mom feeds him food from her hands. He asks how was Pourav rastra’s trip, who all he met, why did he leave Sumer alone to drop slaves to Magadh. Puru leaves. Sajjan angrily looks at Hasti. Hasti taunts him that he had praises Puru instead when Puru broke his wrist.

Shivdutt tortures Sumer and asks to tell where Puru is. Sumer says he does not know, but Puru took a mad woman from here who is not at all related to Puru. Shivdutt leaves fuming. Sumer shouts notwithstanding torture.

Puru walks out of house without having food. Laachi feeds him. He thanks her for showing him love. Sajjan tells Pritha it is time to tell truth to Hasti who Puru is and let him behave well with a king’s son. Pritha says it is good, at least she will be spare from acting Puru’s mother, let us go now. Hasti walks near hut and burns it while Anusuya is sound asleep inside hut, thinking truth will come out which Puru has hidden, let us everyone who whom Puru brought here leaving Sumer in Pourav rastra.

Precap: Sajjan tells Puru that he wanted to tell him something, just then they hear Anusuya calling Puru. They all run towards hut and see it burning.