Chintan Kumar asks Puru to think if he wants to go tomorrow or not, his duty was to get him here, he is leaving now. Puru stops and says he cannot go. Laachi says Chintan if he helps them, he will get such a vast wealth that he will not regret. She shows raw diamond which Puru looted from Farus and asks Sumer what was Farus telling about this diamond. Sumer says many kings would lose their kingdom to pay this diamond price. Laachi gives diamond to Chintan. Chintan says years ago, king Ambi of Takshashila dared to hit Shivdutt, Bamni destroyed whole Takshashila and even insulted their dignity by marrying Ambi’s sister Anusuya and disowned her once. Anusuya keenly listens Bamni and Shivdutt’s name and her own story. Chintan walks out and seeing soldiers panics what to do. He goes to soldier and

says he is the one who brought Dasyus in, wants to meet Raja Bamni.

In Macedonia, Aredius does arm wrestling and defeats opponents. Philip boasts that nobody can defeat his son. Olympia tells Alexander that Philip wants to make his another son Aredius as king. Alexander arm wrestles with Aredius is about to loose. Aredius’ mother taunts Olympia that her son is losing. Olympia says her son is making a misconception of losing, but he will win. Aredius taunts Puru that he had killed Thesia’s king brutally, now he will feel the defeat. Alexander defeats him and taunts he should spend time with his friends and mother as soldiers don’t return from battlefield everytime. People chant Alexander’s name.

Sumer says now Chintan also left, how will they get out of Pourav Rastra. Laachi says Puru will find a way. Anusuya says Puru trashed and defeated all Farsi soldiers alone, he will find a way and take them all out. Sumer says mad woman will not go with them as they don’t allow outsiders in their place. Anusuya asks why can’t she go and insists. Puru says she must be having a family and must be missing him. She asks what is family. He asks her name. She says she does not know and asks his name. He says Puru. She says Puru will get her and her son out of this place tomorrow. Laachi asks everyone to rest and asks Anusuya if she is not tired. Anusuya says yes.

Moses walks to Darius. Darius delivers his heavy dialogues and turns, showing his face and smiling.

Precap: Bamni strangulates and kills Chintan shouting that they will not attack silently, but will greet Dasyus and will send even a message. Puru sees Chintan’s deadbody hanging on city’s main door with a message from Bamni to meet at port and says he accepts Bamni’s challenge.