Porus 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Denies Accepting Bamni As His Father

Amartya Shivdutt asks Bamni if he will kill for a cheap Takshashila woman. Bamni says Pourav clan does not insult woman and whoever does is not among them and angrily blows sword to behead Shivdutt, but Anusuya stops Bamni and says he should not kill his brother. On the other side, Laachi searches Sajjan and finds sword with which Ripudaman/Sajjan was fighting. She finds blood on floor and follows it.

Bamni tells Shivdutt that he was trying to kill the woman who saved him now. He tells Anusuya that e cannot accept her requests and Shivdutt will be punished for sure. He says he had to stay away from his wife and son and his son had to stay away from his mother for 21 years, so Shivdutt will spend 21 years in prison and will not meet anyone. He orders Kanishk to take Shivdutt to prison and follow king’s order. Shivdutt walks angrily looking at Anusuya and Puru. Bamni emotionally tells Puru he fought with his father, now he should hug his father, extending his hands. Puru walks towards Bamni when Laachi runs in calling Purur and worriedly says Sajjan uncle.. Puru runs behind her.

Laachi takes Puru to injured Ripudaman/Sajjan. Sajjan is severely injured wit arrows and falls down. Puru cries that he cannot leave him alone. Anusuya walks in followed by Bamni. Ripudaman greets B Bamni. Anusuya says Ripudaman is a great patriot which Pourav rastra will never forget, he fulfilled his dutly selflessly whole life. Ripudaman passes away. Anusuya continues that Ripudaman was a great warrior which Pourav rastra will never forget. Bamni tries to console Puru. Puru warns him to stay away and says Baba passed away performing his duty, did Bamni ever tried to find out where baba’s wife and son went, when he does not know what happened in his dynasty, he is not a competent king and deserves punishment. Bamni says he accepts his crime. Puru says even then he deserves punishment and he is just king Bamni for him and not father, their paths are different now. Bamni stands shattered.

Precap: In Macedonia, Alexander asks Olympias where did she bring him. She says it is a place where even saints bend. A lady says if Alexander has to conquer land between sunrise and sunset, he has to flow blood river. Alexander says he will.