Porus 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru With Anusuya Heads For Pourav Rastra Again

Laachi and Puru’s discussion continues. Puru decides to go to Pourav rastra to find Anusuya’s family and reunite her with them and get back Sumer. Hasti fumes reminiscing Pritha informing that Puru is king Bamni and queen Anusuya’s son and the lady he brought is Anusuya. He thinks his father always did not treat him well for Puru, Puru is his biggest enemy now. Puru tells Laachi that he wants to take her to Pourv Rastra, but does not want to risk her life, Pouravs want Puru and he will go there alone, reunite Anusuya with her family and bring back Sumer. He gets into a boat with Anusuya and drives it. Laachi with teary eyes watches him going. Hasti thinks he will expose Puru’s truth in front of whole Pourav Rastra and take his revenge.

In Pourav rastra, wrestling match between Pouravs and Farsi wrestlers is announced. Majority bet that Farsi’s will win for sure. A few ask if their wrestlers are not competent, their wrestlers will win for sure. Bamni and Darius take seats. Pourav wrestslers walk into venue, and people cheer them. Then, cameras focuses on Farsi musicians who walk into ground playing musical instrument. Monster wrestlers follow them. Monsters walk in breaking things around and frightening people. One of them climbs another and jumps, then breaks a big water barrel with hammer into pieces. People get more afraid. Monsters continue to frighten people.

Darius gets up from his seat and claps for them. Moses says it will be very exciting. Darius says a lot more exciting than thought, shows frightened people and says 20 years ago he was standing among them afraid and now he is showing his power to them so that he can rule over their land and mind, soon whole Bharath will be under his control. Puru entes Pourav rastra with Anusuya.

Precap: Shivdutt eagerly waits for Puru and thinks once he comes, he will not go alive. Puru senses that and thinks Amartya Shivdutt will try to catch him for sure. Pourav wrestler attacks Farsi wrestler, but Farsi soldier throws him in air with a powerful kick.