Porus 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Escapes From Poison Attack

Puru hides Anusuya in a secret place and gives her water to drink. He says he is going out and she should be here until he returns and not go out. She agrees. He walks saying king Bamni, he is coming. Air gushes around him with his each step , clothes fly, etc.

In Macedonia, Olympias warns Alexander against internal politics and opposition towards him becoming king. He assures her not to worry. Aredius’ aide mixes snake poison mixed water into Alexander’s bathtub. Aredius walks in with Philipia and informs her that Alexander’s dream of becoming king willb e shattered now, smirking at his aide. Alexander walks into bathroom with his best friend. Friend tries to step into water, but stops. Alexander asks if he got afraid hearing Olympias’ warning. Friend pulls out sword and says

he will guard while Alexander can take bath. Alexander praises him that until he has a friend like him, he need not worry. He gets into water while Aredius’ aide watches hiding.
In Macedonia, before wrestling match starts, Bamni address his people and says they are the great warriors and though it is a friendly match, they have to prove themselves. He says wrestling with continue till evening and if even a single warrior is left, will continue till morning. He asks Darius if he will not encourage his people. Darius says his men knows what they are here for.

In Macedonia, Philipia tells Aredius thate even if Philip will be alive or not, Aredius will become king and Alexander will sleep next to Philip notwithstanding poison. Alexander gets out of bathtub and asks his friend to take a bath now. Friend says not now later. Alexander wears clothes and leaves. Aredius’ aide walks in and checks water. He struggles for life due to severe poison. Alexander walks in and says he is fool to think a tree growing in water will die due to water. Olympia joins him and asks to kill Aredius as she does not want to see any more attacks on him.

Wrestling match starts in Pourav rastra. People see weak Pourav warrior and joke that he cannot withstand in front of monster. Monster attacks him and he retaliates. He gives a first cut to monster. Monster cuts him twice. Pourav citizens feel bad. Puru is seeing walking towards venue.

Alexander with Olympia and his team walks towards Aredius and Philipa. They get tensed seeing Alexander alive. Soldiers surround them. Alexander angrily looks at them.

Precap: Alexander fights with Aredius and kills him. Darius’s warriors defeat Pourav warriors. Puru jumps into ground saying this land has patriots who are ready to die for it.
He runs towards monster.