Porus 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Trick To Win Over Bamni

In Macedonia, Alexander with his team angrily walks to Aredius and Philipina and confronts Aredius that he should have attacked him from front like a warrior and not tried to poison him. Philipina says this is Philip’s room and he should follows rules. Olympias confronts her and asks where was her rule when she was planning to poison Alexander and kill him. She asks Alexander to kill Aredius. Aredius and his men pull swords. Alexander’s men also pull sword. Alexandre stops them and says warriors fight alone. Aredius attacks him shouting if not poison, he will kill Alexander now. Alexander easily overpowers and injures him and thrusts sword towards him to kill him, but hits ground. Olympia orders to kill Aredius. Alexander says Philipina is right, he has to follow rule in Philip’s room,

now Philip will do justice himself. Olympia tries to speak again, but Alexander stops her and leaves. Olympia thinks Alexander does not know that Philip will never make him king.

In Pourav rastra, Shivdutt tortures Sumer and says Puru did not come, Sumer has to either tell route of Dasyu Pradesh or die. He raises his sword. Sumer stouts in fear and says Puru must have come here or sent someone, asks if he heard a bird whistle sound. Shivdutt reminisces incident and says he even tried to catch person, but found someone else. Sumer asks if he found 2 cut ships like a cross. Shivudtt says yes. Sumer says Puru has come for sure, this is Dasyu’s signal. Shivdutt says why did not Puru meet him then. Sumer says he does not know. Shivdutt says that means Puru went to wrestling venue to meet Bamni. He orders his soldiers to catch Puru and make sure he does not meet Bamni.

Puru walks to venue and stands between people. Fight continues. Bharati/Pourav warrior defeats Farsi warrior. Bamni gets happy. Second round starts and Bharati warrior wins again. Bamni gets more happy. Third round comes and Farus comes from Farsi side. Kanishk smiles in proud. Darius thinks Bamni is very happy seeing his warriors winning, now he will be in a shock when his warrior is dfereated. Puru silently watches standing among citizens. Fight starts. Bamni hopes Pourav/Bharati soldier will defeat even Farus. Farus stabs Pourav warrior and kills him. Farsi people chant Farus’ name while Pourav citizen are shocked. Darius this his game is to lift his enemy in air and then throw him on ground and leave him in shock.

Precap: Olympia does magic on Aredius. Drius thinks Bamni will shatter seeing his young son dead. Farsi monster beats Kanishk ruthlessly and boasts nobody can dare fight him. Puru jumps in saying even now soil’s sons are present to sacrifice their life for the soil and runs towards monster.