Moses asks Darius that he is world’s most powerful country Faras’ king, then why he is behind Bharat. Darius says man may marry many times, but his first love is always unique, Bharat is his first love, he laid a stone 20 years ago in Bharath and now it is time to rule it. Moses says he is right, he separated Takshashila and Pourav rastra long ago, Bamni is his puppet and prince Kanishk acts total Farsi. Darius says Bamni is still Bharati by hand, so he has come back to control him.

Bamni comes with his team to meet Chintan Chintan gets afraid seeing him. Kanishk walks towards him angrily, but Shivdutt stops him and himself holds Chintan’s neck and asks why did he bring Dasyus inside Pourav rastra. Chintan says he did not know they were Dasyus. Kanishk asks to show where they are hiding.

Bamni stops and asks how did he know they are Dasyus. Chintan says he came to know when they ran away hearing news about Dasyu, so he followed them and came here to inform like a loyal citizen. Bamni says he was following his loyal citizen duty, he was following maharajk’s duty. He signals Farus who brings jewelry bag. Shivdutt says this bag is found in Chintan’s house. Chintan pleads to spare him. Bamni says if he had done a mistake, he would have spared, but he betrayed both Pourav Rastra and those Dasyus. He lifts Chintan’s holding his neck and killing him angrily says Dasyus will be welcomed tomorrow with a gift.

Puru feeds Anusuya and asks her to sleep now. She says she will not, else he will leave her here alone. Puru says he will not, sings a lullaby for her and makes her sleep.

Darius sees Indian shore coming and breaking window glass tells Moses that he feels breeze of wealth and pleasure of ruling Bharath.

Puru tells his team it is time for them to go. He walks away while Anusuya is asleep but stops and says even if a son tries to leave mother, mother will not leave son. Anusuya holds Puru’s clothes and sleeps. Puru returns back.

Next morning, Bamni walks towards port. Shivdutt says arrangements for Darius’ welcome have been made already and says once Puru comes out, he will see Bamni’s gift. Puru walks into market and tells Lachi and Sumer that they will split into team. They are shocked to see Chintan’s dead body hanging on a door with Bamni’s note that he is welcome and will meet at port. Puru accepts challenge.

Precap: Puru tells he will meet Bamni for sure before going. Kanishk says Dasyus cannot go out easily.