Puru with his team disguised as dancers wearing paint around face walks with dancers. Farsi soldier stops them and clals Puru. He stares at Puru and says his jewelry fell down. Puru’s picks his jewelry and asks soldiers to smile a bit as it makes people dear ones. Soldier asks to move ahead. Puru walks relaxed.

Bamni welcomes Darius saying he was a guest in Bharath and will always be. Darius walks with Moses who says Darius is right that Bamni is not easily convincible. Darius says years ago, he kicked out Bamni’s wife from his life and now he will kick out Bamni from his own life. Moses says that woman was a big problem for them. Darius says if he wants to be famous, he should not forget anyone, he may forget his friends but not enemy, her name was Anusuya.

Anusuya wakes up from

sleep and panics that Puru cannot leave her alone. Puru walks into entertainment hall with his team. Bamni with his team walks on dias and takes seat. Puru thinks when Bamni called him with so much love, how can he deny his request, Puru came to meet him. He stands behind other performers with his team. Bamni asks Darius to take a seat and signals dancers to stop. He addresses that he is proud that he is greeting king of kings, King Darius. Darius had come here 20 years ago as a business, now he rules Faras, they became business partnership 20 years and as a result, Pourav rastra is on the path of progress. People chant their names. Puru thinks if success means making people slaves, then it is not.

Anusuya walks into town murmuring Puru cannot leave her alone. She sees Chintan’s dead body hanging with a message they will meet at port. She thinks who can be so cruel. Bamni is shown who says he greets Darius from the depth of his heart. People chant king Darius Zindabad. Darius says if he permits, he wants to thank people. Bamni says why not. Puru thinks he wants to hear what Darius will speak. Darius’ daughter asks him to show what a good orator he is.

Puru tells Laachi that Farsi woman/Darius’ daughter is so beautiful. Laachi jealously says her nose is bent. Puru says her eyes are so beautiful. Laachi says he is seeing more than required. He says even she is beautiful and her eyes resemble owl eyes. She angrily hits his tummy.

Darius address people and greets them. They all reply. Darius says his dream came true because of them, he thanks them for giving him a warm welcome and thanks Bamni for reminding him his past. He says well’s water is sweat, but breaking a first stone to dig well is not easy, similarly Bamni and his partnership started with a misunderstanding. He was sent out with a lesson that he is like a lemon in milk who believes in breaking and not uniting. Bamni reminisces incident. Darius says that misunderstanding was because of 1 person. Bamni reminisces incident where Anusuya reveals Darius’ face. Darius says his and Bamni’s misunderstanding cleared and one who created misunderstanding also died. Bamni reminisces Anusuya asks if she trusts him and rest of incidents. Anusuya walks between people and sees Bamni.

Precap: Laachi asks Puru how will they escape. Puru standing in front of Bamni. Anusuya watches them.