Darius continues his speech on stage. People chant his name. Sumer praises Darius’ thinking. Puru says enemy is attacking their thinking, if they want to destroy themselves, enemy will destroy their culture and thinking to rule over them. Laachi asks him to first think of escaping from here. Puru asks not to worry, he has a plan.

Darius and his team continue watching entertainment. Moses son Farus meets him and says they are meeting after a long time, how is their family. Moses says everyone are fine and asks if there is any issue here. Farus informs him about dasyu Puru and rest of the story. Moses informs Darius. Darius says he understands the situation.

Kanishk watches dancers carefully trying to identify Puru. Bamni asks if he found Dasyu Puru. Kanishk says he must have escaped fearing them. Bamni says when Puru can dare to attack prince Kanishk, he will not go. Puru walks between dancers. Darius’ daughter Barsin sees him and asks Farus who is that dancer, why he has applied paint on his face. Farus says Bharati’s are weird. Barsin insists to meet that dancer.

Kanishk sees painted man and walks towards him. Puru walks aside and yells they organized such a big event, but did not build toilet. Kanishk shouts you Indian will dirty place wherever they want. Puru says you Farsi’s are dirtying whole Bharath. Kanishk fumes. Puru turns and acts as afraid seeing him and apologizes. Kanishk orders to accompany him.

In market, Anusuya searches Puru saying he cannot leave her alone. She asks people where is port, but misbehave with her calling mad. Puru walks with Kanishk. Farus stops him and says princess Barsin wants to meet his painted man. Kanishk lets him go. Puru says he wants to meet king Bamni before meeting Barsin. Kanishk orders Farus to take this dancer to father Bamni. Farus takes him along and makes him stand near stage. Puru thinks Bamni wanted to meet him, here he is. Anusuya walks into even and stands among people just in front of Bamni. Bamni does not notice her.

Precap: Barsin says Puru that she can remove color from his face right now, but she wants to see his talent. Puru says his talent will surprise her. Anusuya walks between mob. Puru walks to Bamni and says he wanted to meet him.