Puru walks towards Bamni ignoring Darius’s daughter princess Barsin. Farus stops him and asks to meet Faras’ princess first. Puru walks to her and says welcome to Bharath. Barsin says she heard he painted his face for performance, what will he do. He says yakshagan. She says it is a weird name. He says it is not weird, it is their cultural dance with which they greet their guests, they respect their guest and even respect their culture. Bamni and Darius keenly listens to them. Barsin says she is more curious to see his real face behind color. Lachi and Sumer get tensed. Puru says if his performance was not next, he would have shown his face. Farurs orders to obey princess’ orders. Puru bends towards Barsin. Barsin touches his paint and says she can remove paint from his face, but wants

to see his performance of which he is proud of. Puru says believe him, his performance will surprise everyone.

Puru walks towards Bamni and greets him. Sumer worriedly asks Lachi why did he go there. Lachi says Pourav king invited Puru on stage and Puru does not leave any work incomplete. Puru says he wanted to meet him. Bamni asks why would he meet him. Puru says he means he wanted to meet him as he is this kingdom’s father and he wants to take his blessings. Bamni says looks like their relationship is very deep, he is his praja. Puru asks to bless him then and touches his feet. Anusuya is seen standing among mob. Bamni blesses Puru. Anusuya tries to enter performance venue when soldier stops her and pushes her out. Puru says he will leave now. Bamni asks to increase Pourav rastra’s dignity. Puru says if his blessings are with him, he will increase whole Bharath’s proud. Bamni gets impressed. Puru walks down. Farsi soldier identifies Anusuya and thinks she is the same mad woman who was with dasyu Porus. He acts as scolding soldiers and asks if he can help her. She says she wants to go to him. He says he will take her to him.

Puru returns to Lachi and Sumer and says his challenge is complete, let us go now. Sumer asks how. Puru shows Darius’ boat and asks him to call all slaves. Soldier takes Anusuya near stage. Bamni looks tgowarsd her, but performers shield come between them. Soldier says let him take to Puru and takes her along. Bamni senses something weird happening in his heart. Slave tells Sumer that they should inform Puru that soldier took mad woman. Sumer warns not to inform Puru. Puru and Lachi kill Darius’ boat soldiers. On the other side, soldier ties Anusuya and says Puru will come here, orders soldiers to be careful and leaves.

Puru gets slaves out of hiding under stage, just under the nose of Bamni. Slave tries to inform about Anusuya, but Sumer stops him. Kanishk informs Bamni that Dasyu team’s member is caught. Bamni asks if it is Puru. Kanishk says a mad woman because of whom Puru trashed Farus and then him. Bamni orders to kill her and hang her body next to Chintan’s.

Precap: Kanishk Pulls sword shouting she and Puru are relaxed somehow. Puru rescues slaves and takes them in boat.