Kanishk informs Bamni that Dasyu’s team member is caught. Bamni orders to kill her and hang her body with Chintan’s body. Farsi soldier ties Anusuya to a pule in a hut. Puru hangs a rope between stage and rope boat and slides down. Sloowly, all his team slides down. Diamond falls down from Laachi. Sumer signals to pick it back. Sumer says human life is more than diamond and rushes him into boat. Puru and his team leave in boats.

Kanishk with his team walks to a hut where Anusuya is tied. Anusuya identifies him and pleads to leave her, else Puru will leave her alone. Puru rescues his team and slaves. Slave thanks Puru. Puru says he just followed his duty. Slave reminisces Anusuya being captured and informs that woman is captured by Pourav soldiers. Puru says soldiers will think

she is part of their team and will kill her like Chintan. On the other side, Kanishk pulls sword and blows towards Anusuya. She shouts in fear. Sumer says let her die, they should not bother. Puru says he will not understand and asks team to continue moving, he will meet them later. He jumps into water. Laachi also jumps in saying she came here to help Puru and ask Sumer to drop all slaves to Magadh, she will meet him in Dasyu rajya.

Kanisk points sword at Anusuya and asks if Puru will come. Anusuya says Puru will go away, let her go. Farus asks to kill her, she is mad. Kanishk says she is somehow related to dasyu, else he would not have kept her with him. Farus asks to kill her as per Bamni’s orders, Puru will come if he cares for her. Puru continues swimming back towards Pourav rastra. Kanishk breaks pole and Anusuya falls down. Kanishk then cuts ropes and is about to kill Anusuya when Puru enters breaking wall. Bamni and others on stage hear sound, but continue watching artists. Anusuya gets up and emotionally hugs him, complains that Kanishk tied her and… Puru warns Kanishk he tried to kill a mother because of whom his nose was broken, is it in he afraid. Anusuya asks why did he go away when he promised ot take her along. Puru says he returned to fulfill his promise.

Bamni signals Shivdutt to go and check. He leaves. Queen says Kanishk has gone there and she is worried. Kanishk angrily warns Puru to come near him, he will kill him. Puru says he will make sure Kanishk does not get this silly thinking in his mind. He throws barrel on soldiers. Sumer feels guilty for letting Puru and Laachi go alone and asks slaves to reach other side of shore while he goes and helps Puru and Laachi. Slaves say it is dangerous to go there. Sumer says danger and dasyu always go along. He jumps into water. Puru and Laachi trash soldiers. Lachi says let us go before more soldiers come back. Puru says he does not leave any work unfinished. Shivdutt walks in with soldiers. Anusuya hides behind Puru. Puru pins down soldiers and moves. Shivdutt is shocked to see Anusuya. Anusuya remembers Shivdutt attacking her and trying to kill her.

Precap: Puru escapes lifts Anusuya and runs. Shivdutt orders soldiers to catch them. Puru breaks stage leg and it falls just when queen performs Darius’ aarti. He leaves on boat while Bamni watches him.