Porus: Anusuya truth get reveal to Porus brokendown

Sony Entertainment Television TV serial Porus has been witness a very interesting melodrama where Porus has finally met his mother Anusuya.

Yet Anusuya and Porus are unaware of their blood relations.

Porus brings Anusuya to Dasyu Kingdom but he hides Anusuya as no outsider is allowed in Dasyu Kingdom.

But the twist in tale comes when the fire catches the same place where Porus hides Anusuya.

Thus Porus comes to save Anusuya without letting anyone know about Anusuya’s presence in kingdom.

Ripu Daman catches Porus and Anusuya

However Ripu Daman catches Porus saving Anusuya, he gets hell shock seeing Anusuya.

The viewers will now get to witness Porus and Anusuya emotional confrontation.

Ripu Daman will unveil Ansuuya’s real identity forth Porus.

Let’s see what will happen next post Porus learns Anusuya’s truth.