Olympias was the daughter of Molossians King Neoptolemus I. Molossians was an ancient Greek tribe in Epirus (presently in between Albania and Greece) south-west to Macedonia. When Olympias’ father the king of Molossians died, he was succeeded by his brother Arymbas in 360 BC. 2 years later, Arymbas the uncle of Olympias signed a treaty with Philip II, the Macedonian king, and under this alliance, she was married to Philip II in 357 BC. This marriage alliance made Olympias the Macedonian Queen. Now that Olympias was born in the year 375 BC, she was only 18 when she married Philip II. Her original name was Polyxena. Olympias was her Third name out of Four. It is also believed that she used to sleep with snakes. Some stories indicate that when Philip II saw her sleeping with the snakes, he no more entered her room. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sameshka as Olympias in Sony TV Porus sleeping with snakes. As per the available historical evidence, Queen Olympias was jealous of Philip’s other Macedonian wives. Her relationship with Philip wasn’t good but a stormy one. Things became even worst when Philip married a noble Macedonian woman, the niece of Attalus.

She Was Killed by Cassander – the Son of Alexander’s Regent Antipater

Olympias was also the mother of Cleopatra who married her uncle Alexander I. Queen Olympias poisoned her Step Son Arridaeus to eliminate a possible rival to her son. Olympias feared that he could become an obstacle in her son’s path to the royal throne. So, she used to poison him regularly which made him disabled – he had learning disabilities. He, however, succeeded Alexander the Great and named himself as Philip III after his accession to the throne. After Philip II’s Death, She killed his last wife and her children. During the reign of Alexander when he entered Asia Minor fighting against Darius III of Persia and Porus of India, Antipater remained the regent. However, when Antipater died due to old age, he didn’t appoint his son Cassander as his successor but Polyperchon. Cassander, however, was successful in ousting Polyperchon and became the regent himself. When Olympia realized that her grandson Alexander IV could never become a king if Cassander remains the regent, she planned to execute Cassander, however, her plan failed. Cassander captured her in 317 BC and in spite of promising to save her life killed her in 316 BC.