Prithvi Vallabh: Mrinalvati’s warrior princess avatar Prithvi preaches love (Upcoming Twist)

Prithvi Vallabh: Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) and Mrinalvati’s (Sonarika Bhadoria) opposite personalities, war and love twist ahead

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television newbie show Prithvi Vallabh has begun last night with grand opening.

Prithvi Vallabh is shown as the king of mallva who rules over his kingdom with love and affection for his people.

While Mrinalvati will be shown as a warrior princess who is beautiful and a true warrior who has power to defeat anyone.

Mrinalvati’s aim in life is to end Prithvi Vallabh’s game and to kill him while Prithvi is the true follower of love and art.

Prithvi versus Mrinalvati’s battle

Prithvi believes that upcoming generation must find them in love, art and music and not in war and battle.

Mrinalvati and Prithvi’s major battle will happen where Prithvi will win Mrinalvati’s heart and defeats Mrinalvati’s hatred.