Qayamat Ki Raat 18th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode 

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Gauri running off from her captors as Raj(Vivek Dahiya) and Dharam search for her. Dharam tries to knock some sense into Raj as he tells him that Gauri really cares for the family and that is why she keeps risking her own life.

Gauri runs into a cave, and there is an aghori there. Mahender thrashes Vikas and says that it is because of him that today Gauri has landed up in trouble. He adds that he is ashamed to have a son like Vikas.

Damini and Prithvi try to stop Mahender in vain. Meenakshi adds fuel to the fire by saying that the family is bad with brother into smuggling and Karuna running away with Aman.

The aghori saves Gauri and gets rid of the goons. Raj and Dharam find Gauri as she runs into Raj’s arms. Dharam looks on as Raj and Gauri are lost in each other for a while. Later they walk back home.

Once at home, Gauri asks her father to forgive Vikas and give him a chance to explain. She says that sometimes we should give the other person a chance to explain, she looks at Raj meaningfully.

Karuna gets her bridal dress to taunt Gauri. She says that she will soon destroy the house and also kill Raj. Gauri agrees to go to Kalasur and says that she is ready to do it on the condition that her family will be left alone. Kalasur is elated by this and soon presents himself before Gauri and agrees to whatever Gauri wants.

He says that he loves her and will just want her. Gauri is shattered, and she walks to her families’ rooms and watches them with tears. She bumps into Raj. Raj lashes out at her and says that he will never trust her again as she lied to him.

Gauri says that she is going away and Raj angrily slams his door asking her to leave. Gauri thinks about why she is having tears for Raj and why is she ready to risk everything for him.

She returns to her room and sees a piece of ornament which was enchanted and given to her by the aghori. He had asked her to agree to go with going to Kalasur and then carry the ornament with her.

The aghori promises to put an end to Kalasur. Gauri goes to sleep carrying the ornament. Karuna asks Kalsaur if now her work is done and if he would destroy her. Kalasur says that he is not going to keep the promise and he will destroy the family that trapped him.

Next morning as the wedding preparations begin everyone searches for Gauri. Gauri is carried away in her sleep by Kalasur. She opens her eyes in his den. He asks her to come to him, but she asks him to keep his promise first. Kalasur reveals his true intentions and Gauri says that she knew he would deceive her.