Radha Krishn 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Radha preparing makhan. Krishna gets eager to taste it because he loves makhan. Radha goes to deliver it to her mother but Gopadevi stops her and tell Radha that she will deliver it.
Gopadevi takes the makhan and starts eating it. Baldevi regrets the decision of marrying Rama but Gopadevi tells her to do so.
Gopadevi tells Baldevi that she is teaching Radha the meaning of true love. Gopadevi keeps on speaking. However, Radha was standing behind Gopadevi. She hears everything.
Baldevi tries to stop but Radha confronts Gopadevi. Radha tells that Krishna has cheated on her while Krishna is speechless.
Radha tells Krishna that this wedding won’t stop and he hates Krishna.
Radha doubts Krishna that he had opened the doors for the thieves. Moreover, she will reveal the true identity of Gopadevi & Baldevi to Vrishbhan and everyone.
Krishna is shocked to see Radha’s reaction. Radha keeps on telling her opinion.
On the other side, Jhatila, Ayaan and Vyomesh think that something is fishy as Krishna can’t just sit back and watch everything. Krishna might be on some plan.
However, Radha fights with Krishna continuously. However, Krishna tells Radha to tell the truth after a continuous argument.
Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she will only hurt him.