Radha Krishn 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Radha tells Krishna and Baldau that she will reveal their cover to Vrishbhan. Bal Dau tries to stop Radha, but Krishna asks him to let her go.
Radha walks up to Vrishbhan but speaks.
Bal Dau and Krishna takes a sigh of relief. Radha comes to talk to Krishna. She wants to tell Krishna about the reason silence. She says that she wants to hurt Krishna as he injured her.
Next morning, Radha’s mother comes to Radha’s room to make her daughter ready for the engagement.
Radha asks her mother to send Gopa and she should continue with work.
Gopa comes in Radha’s room. Radha asks Krishna to help her get dressed. She wants Krishna to experience the same quantity of pain that she experienced.
The written update of 25 January 2019 Radha Krishn episode story ends.
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