Radha Krishn 28th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update 

Krishna leaving Radha alone at her engagement ceremony. Vrishbhan announces Radha’s wedding. Radha gets unconsciousness.
Krishna tells Dau that Radha will find peace.
Radha gains consciousness. Vrishbhan asks Radha to relax. Jateli Kaki informs that the Muhurat has passed and now, the engagement couldn’t take place.
Vyomesh’s father loses his cool. Vrishbhaan tries to calm him down. Vyomesh’s father blames Radha that she has no interest.
Radha shares her distress to her mother.
Radha’s mother makes Radha understand that her decision is wrong as she was angry.
Krishna enters back to the engagement ceremony as Gopa.
Gopa tricks Vyomesh’s father and cools him down. He tricks Vyomesh and makes him accept his mistake that his father is wrong. He announces to cancel the wedding.