Radha Krishn 29th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update 

Gopa starts encouraging everybody to break Vyomesh and Radha’s marriage alliance. He tricks Vyomesh and makes him beg for forgiveness from Vrishbhaan on behalf of his parents as they bashed him.
Reluctant Vyomesh couldn’t find a way out and apologizes to Vrishbhaan. Radha gets impressed. Vrishbhaan is thankful to Krishna.
Jateli, Ayaan, and Vyomesh couldn’t understand what to do next as they are running out of time.
Krishna makes Radha think about the marriage alliance.
Dau waits for Krishna, but instead of Krishna, Dama appears.
Dau reacts as himself. Dama questions Bal Devi about her voice. Gopa mocks Dama Ji and gives a piece of advice to express his feelings.
Bal devi and Gopa start fighting Ayaan screams in frustration and tag them as men.
Krishna tells Dau that when Radha will rise from the feeling of getting everything to giving then she will be Krishna’s forever.