Radha Krishn 30th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Dau and Krishna missing Yashoda. Dau wants to live happily with the family. Krishna assures that the time will soon come.
Yashoda is terribly missing Krishna and Dau. Nand spots Yashoda in distress. He asks her to pack bags as he is planning to visit Krishna and Dau. Yashoda somehow stops Nand.
Next morning, Radha’s mother tells Radha that Gopa decorated the whole place. Radha is in doubts about Gopa.
Dau is finding himself in a difficult situation. He tries to hide from all and just then Radha comes.
Dau drags her away. Radha wants to know about Krishna.
Radha finds Krishna helping Vyomesh with his attire. Radha questions Krishna about his purpose at the wedding. Krishna says he wants Radha to marry Vyomesh and free him from the burden.
Radha’s mother invites Gopa to perform the Haldi ritual. Radha questions Krishna about his feeling. Krishna answers that he loves her and is above all pain.